Monday, 14 November 2011

Weekend Beats

Over the weekend I came across some beetroot that I had not checked on for a while.  Check out the size of the monster beetroot.
Beetroot from the garden, scissors left in the photo for scale.
The were washed, peeled, diced and roasted for salad.  I will add chopped walnuts, feta, chopped parsley and a balsamic dressing.
 Then the chooks enjoyed the tops for dinner


  1. Wow! They look fantastic! Sounds like a delicious salad. Don't you love good garden surprises!

  2. Oh they look wonderful and what a great find. Yum love that salad idea!

  3. Good Harvest! That Salad sounds delish! Hope you enjoyed. :)

  4. good work, reminds me I should plant some beets....


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