Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I Think I might Melt

This summer has been all over the place.  Back in November it was really hot with days on end over 30 degrees, so I washed all of the winter blankets and packed them away.  Then it got cool again and I had to get it all back out again. 
So far this year it really has been quite pleasant with temperatures in the high 20's  - low 30's.  That was until yesterday.
It was an absolute scorcher!!  It got as high as 39 on the veranda and 37 in the house, yuck! 
There was no breeze and no escape for hubby and the pets.  Hubby busied himself with jobs that involved keeping cool like fixing the sprinkler system in the shade house and Jessie our little black puppy resorted to taking dips into the garden pond and standing under the sprinkler in the shade house while it was being fixed.

The cat who is an almost 100% inside cat was stretched out on the floor with her back pressed against a brick wall trying to keep cool too.

I had to work and so I locked myself in our little office (I work from home) and sat in the air conditioning.  Our office is the only room in the house with air conditioning but with two computer desks plus craft cupboards and filing cabinets down one wall there is not really a lot of floor space left.  At a push we might be able to fit out camping mattress in here, and if the heat keeps up we might have too.

In our last house I used to soak old sheets in water and hang them over open windows so that the the air was cooled as it passed through.  This is something that miners wives used to do when they lived out in the deserts.  I might have to try this again as it works as long as there is a breeze, and once they are up you just spray them with a water spray bottle.  Just be aware of what your walls and floor are made of as you do not want them so wet they mark the wall or floor.

How are you coping with Summer?  What tips and tricks do you have to stay cool?


  1. Yep, we also had 36 degC on our verandah and the air con was struggling to cool our little house, I found many inside jobs to keep me going! Air con is in the lounge/kitchen area only and furthest from our bedroom, thinking of sleeping in the lounge tonight after virtually no sleep last night. We had to cut short a beach holiday to come home and make sure all the animals had water, as they wouldn't have survived long in that weather, but it would have been a good day to hang around at the beach! You're right though, I was enjoying the not-so-hot summer up until now, and we REALLY need some rain, I thought it was supposed to be high rainfall again this summer, but it hasn't happened so far. Hoping for a decent storm tonight!

  2. Yes we can only hope for a storm. we had clouds gathering but nothing happened.

  3. It certainly is hot isn't it? I'm in far nth NSW and hot here too after the unseasonably cooler weather which i was enjoying!!
    love your wet sheets tip...i may try that, Mum used to hang wet teatowels in front of fans to cool the air circulating.
    Off to become your latest follower...hope it cools down for you!

  4. I rest an ice pack over both my feet, it does the trick!


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