Monday, 2 April 2012

Look at me Carbon Free

Over the weekend I got a new toy.  Isn't she lovely!

I have been looking at getting a bike for ages and I knew exactly what I wanted.

Must haves included a big bottom seat for comfortable rides, high upright handles so I can ride without leaning forward, a few gears to get me around the rural area where I live, a basket on the front and carry all on the back in case I get fit game enough to ride to town, and of course a pretty colour is important too (I got a mint green).


  1. She is gorgeous!!!!

    I love her very retro gelato colouring and styling. I have plans to get my bike out of the shed and take her to the bicycle shop for a day of beauty treatment and bike spa. However she is nowhere near as gorgeous as your new beauty!

    ...please don´t tell my bike I said that. She has hauled my sorry butt on a few Great Victorian Bike Rides!!!

  2. She is lovely :)
    I took a buttercup version of that model for a test ride in December whilst buying a bike, a nice comfy ride.
    Happy cycling.

  3. Your new bike looks like she will be a whole lot of fun. :-)

  4. I love her!! I hope she provides many happy cruising sessions for you. :)


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