Thursday, 21 June 2012

In the Kitchen and Garden

Over the weekend I spend a few hours in the kitchen whipping up some tasty treats.

I made some sourdough sweet chilli scrolls using my standard bread mix and adding sweet chilli sauce and grated cheese.

I also made some coriander and macadamia nut pesto.  We have coriander growing like mad in the garden and it was a great way to use a whole lot up before it all goes to seed.

I will let some go to seed to attract the good bugs to the garden but there will be plenty to do that even if I harvest all of what is in the veggie garden.  Last year my coriander went to seed and I left it so that I could harvest all the dry seed for cooking.
But just as the seeds were ready to harvest we got rain and they got washed off the bush and all through the garden.  Now we have coriander popping up everywhere.  Oh well not really an issue just more to let go to seed  for next year.
Coriander growing in the wood mulch paths around the raised beds

Coriander in the driveway

And growing in the garden edging
Do you have any self seeded herbs of veggies popping up in strange places at your place?


  1. All looks good Fiona. Care to share your pesto recipe? The coriander situation is happening here too! cheers Wendy

  2. Ooh, yummy looking scrolls and pesto!

    We have had lettuce come up in the paving cracks before and lately I've noticed a self seeded tomato plant racing towards the sky that germinated between the house/paving - a gap of about 5mm! Truly bizarre, especially considering it's winter and COLD here! lol.

    1. Christine the cherry tomatos grow like weeds here in QLD

  3. My goodness, that coriander wants to grow! Funny because I let mine seed but none came up the next year. We've had beet root in the grass and this year we have broad beans. And the marigolds come up all over the place! I should try some more adventurous recipes with my sour dough. Those scrolls look great!

    1. Linda Beetroot in the lawn must be interesting. The scrolls were very yummy.

  4. hello fiona
    those scrolls and pesto looking wonderful.
    great blog!!
    greetings from germany,

    1. Hi Regina Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I will be looking in on you too.

  5. yes, garlic chives....and hollyhocks....

  6. isn't it funny to find yourself weeding out self-seeded veges, I have parsley and silverbeet growing wild this year, and we have had mustard in the lawn previous years, until the chickens noticed it :) I didn't know you could make pesto from coriander, good idea as we have heaps at the moment too (hope it will go to seed...).


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