Monday, 11 February 2013

Stockpile Challenge Pt 4

Well so far so good.

I am aiming to spend as little as I can this month and this is forcing me to really think about the options I have for the ingredients we already have rather than adding them to the shopping list.

The last time I shopped for food of any sort was on January 22nd.  Since then we have been eating from the stockpile.
Last week I had a few onions,mushrooms, carrots, capsicums and eggplant left in the fridge.  We had stir fry for a couple of nights then we needed a break from all the eggplant and capsicum(these are the only thing growing in the garden and they are thriving).  So I made a Beef Bourguignonne which is an odd dish to have at this time of the year but it was so very tasty and a great way to use up a few mushrooms and a couple of carrots.
On Saturday I went to the green grocer to top up our supply of fruit and vegetables.
I had set a maximum allowance of $15 per week to top up fresh fruit, vegetables and milk and this is the first time I have shopped since January 22nd.  You can see below what I purchased and coming in at a total of $15.75 I am really happy with the result.  I am sure I can make a weeks worth of meals from this lot.
Because this challenge is for all 3 meals a day I have made sure that we have so snacks ready for the coming week.  I made Bran Muffins and some Cheese and Sweet Chilli Sourdough scrolls.

Then for Sunday lunch and dinner I made a Salmon Flan.  It is something I remember eating as  a child but not something I had ever attempted.  It was really easy and delicious as well and there is enough for lunch again tomorrow too.  I will post the recipe later this week.
What have you been baking lately?


  1. Oh that salmon flan looks good and will be nice to have on hand for lunches. We have also been trying to use up our stockpile.

  2. Gosh you are doing clever shopping. Im really proud of myself at the moment. My husband lost his job before Christmas and so we are missing two monthly pays. Normally we would pay $2,000 onto the visa to clear it each month. So technically, it should be sitting on $4000 at the moment. Is still at $2000 which means not only am i shopping and paying all the bills but paying some off card each week. My income is under half our normal so i think im doing well. Check out last nights blog post to see what im cooking. When he gets another job im going to keep to the same and really get that mortgage down.

  3. Those scrolls look delicious!


  4. We are also thriving on stockpile fare. Cheif successes were homemade faggots from 'frugal queen' blog, spinach and ricotta lasagne, lamb and Corriander burgers served in naan, leek and potato soup. Made some lemon and sultana drizzle cupcakes and an almond and raspberry slice. I shop monthly in bulk and buy a dozen of so 2 ltrs of milk. This I freeze and defrost over night. It stops me being tempted to run to the shop. Last main shop 17th Jan average weekly shop £9.


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