Thursday, 27 June 2013

Removing Stains on Formica Bench Tops

Can you see that pale pink mark right in the middle of the first photo?
Well that is purple permanent marker.
Right Up Close
I took a frozen meal out of the freezer yesterday and left it on the bench to defrost.  When I moved it a little while later there were 2 bright purple spots on the cream/beige coloured formica bench top.
It had been sitting on top of another container inside the freezer and somehow the label written in permanent  (apparently not) marker had transferred to the bottom of the container on top of it.  Arrrrrr bugger.
Straight away I tried to wipe it off using dishwashing liquid and it did clean it off a little but even from 2 metres away you could see the pink marks.  I really wish I had taken some photos so you could see how bad it was but at the time it is not what I was thinking.         But that is close to what it looked like.

To remove the mark I used glycerine ( glycerine can usually be found in the supermarket near the medicinal things or near the cake decorating things) and poured about 1/2 a teaspoon onto each purple spot.  Then over the next 24 hours the glycerine gradually drew the purple into it and I was able to wipe it away then re spread the remaining glycerine or add a bit more as required.
The faded spot right in the middle of the photo
I am not sure how it works but it does.  I have used it to remove turmeric stains, rust and ink for a pen that leaked.  Turmeric has proven to be the most stubborn but even it's marks can be dramatically diminished.
Glycerine is not expensive so grab some when you are next at the supermarket and then you will have it on hand for next time a stain threatens to ruin your bench top.

So can you see the pink spot now?


  1. Wonder if it works on hands.... A while back I ended up with hands that looked like they'd been run over as I spilt black printer ink on them, and then, after unsuccessfully washing it off, peeled and chopped beetroot with them. They looked terrible and the only way it came off was after a few days of washing.

  2. Or use Vodka. I use Vodka to remove permanent markers from clothes. Also works excellent on suede furniture.


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