Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Worst Neighbours?

There is a good chance that we are committing a massive sin when it comes to being a good neighbour.  We have just purchased 8 roosters from a local chicken dealer and most of them are crowing.  So in addition to the 2 roosters we already had that makes 10.
However there is a chance that we could get away with it.  We do live in the country and everyone in the street has their own rooster so we are hoping that the extra crowing will just blend in.

These roosters are all destined for the dinner table and the 4 larger ones will be the first to go in a month or so.  We will be feeding them on broiler finishing food which is about 28% protein so they will bulk up quicker that if we fed them mixed grain (10% protein) or layers mash (15% protein).

 Hopefully we will have cut down the numbers before anyone complains (which I don't think they will) and then we can rest easy (in more ways than one).

Have you ever done something that would make you sound like a bad neighbour?


  1. Hehe we had roosters in the suburbs :/ all came from chicks so were not intentional, but at one stage we had 5 or so....They ended up in the pot before anyone was terribly annoyed!

  2. I wouldn't worry too much Fiona. We've had 8 or more roosters at one stage. When they finally went - I mentioned it to the closest neighbour that they had gone. His comment was that he hadn't really noticed the noise so much (don't know about the rest of the family!) but it all just mingled into the country background noise. It sounds like you won't have them for too long, I'm sure you won't get any complaints. Hope they have a happy time while they are there. cheers Wendy

  3. They are beautiful! That is so funny, I would be more worried about my own disturbed sleep! We have 30 chickens that were hatched in March, so about 15 roosters (I haven't counted yet), it will be interesting when they start crowing.

  4. Good on you! We have just finished processing our roosters, we did 12, staggered from December till now. No one complained (though, like you, our neighbours also have roosters and aren't that close), but we did have several people give us their roosters once they heard about what we were doing! The fully grown, ready for processing ones (but not too old) were the best ;)

  5. I did the same thing, I bought some fertilized eggs I had 2 roosters, my neighbour has chooks also. I was worried somebody would complain so I gave the roosters to a friend. My neighbour about a week later lent over the fence and informed me they loved the roosters and they had 2 also boo hoo. Now I think I may get another one.


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