Monday, 9 December 2013

Wildlife Rescue

Over the weekend there was a very strange occurrence here on the farm.  Hubby was working out side and saw that the neighbors herd of cattle was all stirred up and were stampeding around in a circle in the middle of the paddock.  They were making quite a ruckus, so much so that I could hear the commotion from in the house.
At first we could not see why they were running around in a circle and then we noticed they were charging at something but we couldn't see what.  So hubby set out across the paddocks to investigate.  When he came back he was carrying a very distressed wallaby.  How/why it got into the middle of this huge paddock far away from any sort of cover I don't know but there was no way it could have escaped from those cows.
It was trembling and breathing rapidly, there were some scrapes on its front feet and when we set it on the ground it rocked back and forth before hoping around in a circle.  We figured it was concussed.

We put it in our spare chicken pen and left it there with water while we called the local wildlife carer.  Her advice was to leave it in the pen overnight and see how it was in the morning.  She said that it was very possible that it could die over night but if it made it through we could release it.

The chickens were pretty intrigued with their new neighbor.

The next day the wallaby was still alive and was able to hop in a straight line so we caught it and took it to an area of bush not to close to farm land.  He/she hopped away without an issue so we assumed all was well.  We also hoped it would stay away from cows in the future.

Have you every had to rescue wildlife?

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  1. Glad it appeared to be okay the next day....pool little thing. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


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