Monday, 3 February 2014

Bedroom Makeover

While I was in New Zealand at the end of last year Hubby spent the time at home renovating our bedroom.  In his words "he didn't want me there putting my 2 cents worth in".
Anyway he did a great job lining the room to cover the external timer cladding (our room is an addition to the origional house) and the ugly brickwork.

The old air conditioner fell from grace...

Into the garden below and was added to the dump pile.

The wall containing two old windows that used to be the out side of the house was packed out with blocks.

Then it was clad ready for plaster and paint.

The end wall of bessa bricks was prepared ready for cladding

As was side wall around the windows.

Then the whole room was clad and the windows were framed.  Then the gaps were plastered and sanded.

Finally the entire room was given a coat of paint that matches the rest of the parts of the house that have already been renovated.

Then new curtains were added and new carpet was installed.

It feels really good to be making these improvements to the house.  Even though we are moving to NZ in the next few years we are able to get some enjoyment from our hard work.
The list is also getting shorter which is also satisfying.

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