Monday, 24 March 2014

The Weekend Kitchen

This weekend was quite a productive one at our place.  I got a lot done in the kitchen and we have started to renovate the bathroom but more about that later.

Some of our chickens are moulting so I cooked up some linseed to add to their mash for an extra protein hit. I soaked 1 cup of linseed for 3 hours then drained off that water and added just enough fresh water to cover the seeds.  I then cooked it for 30 minutes until the water turned into a gelatinous consistency.
Over the next few days I will mix this in with their mash at a rate of 1 tablespoon per bird per day.

I am busy trying to use things up from my freezer that have been there a while and today it was time to use up some frozen bananas.  I am making meals and things for my brother in law and sister inlaw who just had a baby so I thought a few slices  of my Banana Berry Bread might be a nice treat. It is so easy and tasty and you can find the recipe here.  I sliced half of it up and froze the portions in individual serves which I will be taking to my brother in law and sister in laws.

I also made a few self crusting quiches the basic recipe can be found here but I tend to just make it up as i go along.  I made two different ones today as my sister in law is vegetarian and does not like onions so I left those out of hers.  This one used a tin of creamed corn and grated zucchini instead of silverbeet and then I just added what ever other veggies I had on hand.

I will be adding the quiche to the other meals I have also made them and will be taking them down to them in Brisbane during the week.

Finally I have made a big batch of dumplings using Celia's recipe found here but with a few changes like using beef mince since that is what we have lots of.
I really like dumplings as a quick go to meal or addition to a meal and they are especially good for if you have visitors for a meal at short notice.  They freeze well and cook quickly which makes them a great meal at short notice.

Opps sideways photo.

So what happened in your kitchen on the weekend?  Feel free to link back to this post.


  1. That's funny because I marked the "dumplings" recipe for the kids and I to make in the holidays, they can't wait. It looks so delicious. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. Cool ready meal to have on hand those dumplings. Will be looking into it. The berry cake looks scrummy.

  3. Quiches look great, and are a great present for those with a newborn.
    My chooks are moulting too - must try some linseed. I am now remembering that years ago I used to make a linseed/bran mash for my horses in winter to improve their shine. cheers Wendy


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