Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Garden Whip Around

There are only a few things happening in the garden at the moment but when I took a wander the other day I took some photos.

Our blood orange is loaded with fruit and the poor little tree is groaning under their weight.

Our Kaffir Lime is the same age as all our other citrus but is twice the size and twice as healthy.  It never seems to be affected by bugs when the other citrus are and it is fruiting for the first time this year.

This cherry tomato is self seeded and is growing like crazy even though we have had some cool nights, down around 2 degrees c, it is flowering and fruiting and it produces quite large cherry tomatoes which are about the size of an Australian 20 cent piece.

Sometimes growing pak choy can be a challenge here as the grasshoppers love to eat it and usually just leave a few stalks sticking up in the air.  This year I tried again and sowed a lot of seeds close together and they have done really well.  I am just thinning them out a few every day and adding them to dinner.

The late beans that I planted have climbed up their frame and are starting to flower.  Hopefully we will get a good number of beans before the weather really gets cold.

In other areas of the garden we have been topping up the mulch and we have planted some native grasses all around our water tanks.

Everything in the shade house is growing so well since the rain we had last month.  The little native violets are growing so well they are about to take over the path.

We have also gotten another job ticked off "The List" - installing garden edges.  We have used granite rocks that we collected from a local council dump which did some of edges.

And we used hardwood timbers slabs and old fence posts to do the rest of the garden beds.

It is such a good feeling to have this job done as it means we are pretty much finishing all the jobs on the list, not that we will not find other things to do.

What's going on in your garden?


  1. Looking good fee! We are 'lucky' to have a big pile of rocks in our paddock, probably from when the house wad built. It looks messy but handy for such projects!

  2. Oh gosh you have been busy. I love the rock edges.

  3. Love your shade house, its flourishing.

  4. Looks good! Just curious - how big is your place (in acres or hectares I mean) ? It's probably in an earlier blog, but I couldn't find it. Congrats on getting those jobs done and dusted. melindi

    1. Thanks Melindi, we have 3.5 acres here but wish we had a bit more. Hence why we have purchased 5 acres in NZ. Our 5 acres in NZ is equivalent to about 10 acres where we are in QLD.


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