Thursday, 25 August 2016

Why Would You Buy New?

We are counting down to the arrival of "Peanut" our first baby.  He is due in about 5 weeks and we are in the final stages of getting things ready for him.

I have purchased all of his clothes second had from the op shop and have spent about $75 in total on clothes in sizes that range from 00000 up to size 0. We think based on the scans we are having a small baby (Hubby and his family are all small so not unlikely) hence some small clothes but we will not know until Peanut arrives so we have a range of sizes.  In addition to what I have purchased we are borrowing clothes from Hubby's brother and his wife as they had a baby boy 2 1/2 years ago and I see no sense in buying heaps of clothes that Peanut will grow out of quickly.  The additional clothes we are borrowing will be returned when we leave the country in January but by then we will know how big he is and what sizes we actually need.  We can then go back to the op shop and get the sizes we know we need then and into the future.

So many of the clothes I have purchased are either brand new or very close to it as no one really ever knows what size baby they are getting and like us I suspect they buy a range of sizes.  That combined with the fact babies grow very quickly means none of the clothes get much wear.
I have since seen some of these outfits in other stores and new they range in price from $14 - $30 which seems like an awful lot of money just to buy new.

In addition to the borrowed clothes we are also borrowing a bassinet as out revamped cot will be packed away on it's way to NZ.  All of the cot sheets and blankets are also second hand (some were even Hubby's).
At this stage we have only purchased a new car set and pram and a few cloth nappies to trial and we will be trying to limit our spending on everything else where we can and buy second hand if we can as I do not see the point buying new when second hand seems to be so cheap and in such good quality.

Did you buy second hand for your children?
Is second hand your go to when shopping?


  1. I have to admit that I was a bit of a clothing snob when my children were little and would never have bought second hand for them, things were different back then and the quality was not as good. I now volunteer at a couple of our local op shops and seeing the quality of clothes that are available now I don't buy new unless I have to.

    1. Jan we have found out from lots of friends that they got sucked in to wanting only the best and new for their first baby only to realise that it was a huge waste of money. You are also right that the quality of second hand these days is much better than it used to be.

  2. You have done very well with your bargain hunting, the local Vinnies here on the mountain always has a really good range of quality baby clothes and supplies. The way babies poop and sperk up, why would you buy new, when you can save the money for the stuff you really need.
    A Spring baby is great, you won't be half freezing for the night feeds and you can go on lovely comfortable walks.
    Take good care of yourself, don't be tempted to get your hair cut short !! and then cry and cry ( why do so many of us do that ? )
    The last few weeks can draaaaaaag so factor in some little treats, a mani or pedicure, new moisturiser, perfume,trip to the beach, a movie,beautiful yarn to make a baby blanket or a massage.
    I hope you have been enjoying your yoga and remember there have been billions of births it is perfectly natural and it is called labour for a reason , it is very hard work, nothing you can't handle and OMG look what you get.
    Special, amazing , wonderful, precious, you just don't 'get it' until you have a baby yourself and your world will never be the same.
    So excited for you.

    1. Thanks for your advice Margaret. I am trying to take it easy for these last few weeks and have a couple of special low effort catchups with friends planned. I am trying to do yoga most days and focus on the fact my body is designed for this process.


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