Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Using Up Food Before We Move

With our impending move to live with family we are doing our best to use up as much food from our pantry, fridge and freezer as we can.  This is very difficult for people who are used to having a large stockpile of food and we are eating things more often than we normally would (polenta a few times a week)
We will be able to take food with us to keep using over the next 3 months but here are some of the things we have used up and how we used them.

Pastry and feta used up in Spinach and Feta Triangles.

Coconut used in Louise Cake a classic New Zealand sweet slice and on breakfast cereal in the mornings.

I used up the last of my pepitas, sunflower seeds, linseed's and most of my bread flour by making a few loaves of Busy Peoples Bread.  I also included poppy seeds, sesame seeds and chia seeds but I still have some of these left and will keep adding these to breakfast cereals and mixed in yogurt till they are gone.
I also made bread crackers from part loaves of bread that I had in the freezer.  All I do is cut it thinly brush with olive oil and when just out of the oven a given them a sprinkle of salt.

I used up the last of the dates in a couple of date loaves and I used up all my sushi wrappers and sushi rice making sushi for our baby shower.

Hubby has taken the last of my Homemade Baked Beans to work for lunch, all the chickpeas have been turned in to hummus, the last of the yellow spit peas are now dahl and portioned out in the freezer, and we have been using up frozen meals that I have in the freezer. There are still plenty in there for after peanut arrives but now that he is overdue I have been less inclined to cook and they have come in very handy.

I still have a bit of Quince Paste (about 2 cups) left and am looking for a way to use it up so if you have any ideas let me know.

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  1. We love home made baked beans at our place which reminds me I need to make another batch.


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