Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Quality Time And Saying Goodbye

Happy New Year to you all I hope everyone is safe and well rested after the festive season.

For us the time has come.  In 10 days time we will be in New Zealand and starting the next chapter of our lives.  The past month has been busy with us introducing Kingsley to the special people in our lives and saying goodbye.  It has been exhausting with some days seeing us visiting one lot of people in the morning and another in the afternoon. Kingsley has been cuddled and kissed and loved everywhere we go as well as showered in gifts, he is a very lucky and blessed little boy.

So far all is going well and he is a happy little boy most of the time, except when he has wind which seems to be too often for my liking and I will have to look at what I am eating to see if that helps, perhaps he is just a gassy baby.

He is now 3 months old and developing well and there even look like there are some teeth appearing, sigh... too soon I say.

Anyway here are some photos of the last month.

Our happy little boy:

Family Selfie:

Hanging out with friends one last time in Australia,  These two travel to NZ frequently so we will see them again soon.

Sharing cuddles

Surrogate grandparents:

More cuddles:

Farmer Liz having a cuddle:

Farmer Pete is a natural:

Everyone loves the new baby smell:

Having his first swim, I can't say he loved it but he was a bit tired and hungry:

His cousin and Aunty helping him open presents on Christmas Day:

Wearing his new hat with his Aunty:

All the family on Christmas day:

Mummy cuddles at Christmas:

Hubby's cousins having cuddles on Boxing Day:

More Aunty cuddles:

Happy baby:

Having a laugh with Grandma:

My best friend (deceased) parents who will be another set of grandparents and are already spoiling him.

My best friend (deceased) son who is now all grown up.

I a not sure if I will be back in this space before we jump on the plane next week but I will be back.  We will be documenting our journey in New Zealand and you are all invited to come along for the ride.  At this stage it looks like we may not be building our new house this summer and while this is a bit of a disappointment for us it does mean we now have time to hunt for some bargains, take more time to make decisions, do more tree planting on our farm, and get to know how our land behaves over a period of months not just the week or so we are there each year.

Hopefully I will also find a few moments to check in with each of you and see what you have been up to. 


  1. He has been a busy baby! And definitely bigger when we saw him again last week. Will be thinking of you on your BIG travel day. Give us a message when you're settled and ready to catch up again.

  2. Your precious little boy has grown so much, and is a happy chappy. I guess its both sad and exciting to be up and awaying - best wishes for the move. See you on the other side.

  3. These are glorious memories. You will be heading off with full and happy hearts.

  4. How exciting to be on the cusp of such a big move and with a beautiful little boy (with such a cute smile) ... forward to a new home in New Zealand. Can't wait to see how it all unfolds as you make your home there. Meg:)

  5. Have a safe trip to New Zealand, I hope it all goes smoothly. Look forward to seeing how the next part of your journey unfolds.

  6. Thanks for sharing all those lovely pictures. Kingsley is adorable. Have a safe trip to NZ and look forward to hearing from you later.

  7. Safe travels, I look forward to reading about the next adventures.

  8. He is so adorable! :)

    My husband says New Zealand is the one place he would like to visit. Looking forward to your adventures there.

  9. Best wishes for a happy relocation to NZ Fiona....can't believe he's 3 months old already...time really does fly. :-)

  10. All the best with your trip....looks like he is thriving and growing up and there are no shortage of people to cuddle him. Look forward to your NZ adventure and watching your son grow up in the country. All the Best. Kathy

  11. Oh my goodness! I don't visit for a while and when I come back you've had a little munchkin!! Congrats to you both, its the start of a wonderful journey! And all the best in NZ!


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