Saturday, 1 July 2017

Still Here And Hoping To Be Back A Bit More Often

Hello.... Are you still there?

Yes it has been ages.  So long in fact I will not be surprised if you all left, but hopefully some of you are still here and are ready for some updates.

The last six months have flown by and we have been super busy adjusting to our new life here in New Zealand.

Life here is great and our little boy is growing up fast.  Tomorrow will be a photo heavy post of Kingsley and how he has grown.

Until then ...


  1. Look forward to all the photos and updates.

  2. ps...look at those beautiful eyes....he's so cute.

  3. Hello! I'm still here, I'm not surprised you've had no time for blogging...babies...big's a lot to juggle, I look forward to hearing from you when you have time :)

  4. lovely you are back with pictures of that beautiful boy of yours. He looks like he's happy and healthy and surrounded by family. Can't wait to read more about your adventures setting up your new home in a whole new country! Meg:)


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