Gift Hamper Ideas

I mentioned this list in my series of posts about a home made Christmas but due to the number of ideas on the list it was easier to give it it's own page.

Garden Basket: gardening gloves, packets of seeds, hand tools (trowel, rake, etc,), gardening book or subscription to a gardening magazine, bottle or box of fertiliser, gift certificate to a garden supply store, garden clogs, a small house plant in a pretty pot. Try these variations:

Flower Kit: Use a large terracotta pot. Fill with small hand tools, seeds, small bag potting soil, liquid fertiliser, etc.
Vegetable Kit: full-sized spade, rake, and cultivator. Tie a cellophane gift bag to the bottom part of each tine with twine. Fill the bags with vegetable seed packets, fertiliser, garden markers, marking pen.
Decorative planter, hose, hose adaptor, stepping stone kits, sprinkler, etc. Great for a new home owner.

Pasta Bowl: in a large pasta bowl add a package or two of gourmet pasta, tongs, package of sun-dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, spices (oregano, basil, garlic powder), pasta cookbook, pasta tongs. Line the basket with fabric and top off with a bottle of Italian wine, a loaf of Italian bread, and/or a chunk of Parmesan cheese.

Golf Bucket: golf tees, golf balls, cap, golf towel, sunscreen, ball marker, glove, a subscription to a golf magazine. In lieu of a basket, use a small fabric cooler to hold all the supplies. Can do the same thing with Tennis. Skip the tees, add tennis balls, and a tennis towel.

Cheese and Cracker Basket: In a large basket add a cheese spreader, small cheese ball, a variety of small cheeses, several different crackers, napkins.

Puppy Basket: food & water bowls, squeaky toy (s), dog biscuits, collar & lead, brush/comb.

Kitten Basket: Catnip seeds, toys, collar, Kitty pillow, etc.

Writing Box: note cards & stationery with envelopes, assorted cards, letter opener, book of pretty stamps, return address labels, nice pen.

Pamper Baskets: gel eye-packs, aroma therapy candle, soothing CD, bath gloves/buffers, sisal mitt, sugar scrub, bath salts or gel. Then customise the assortment by adding products you know the recipient will enjoy. A plastic bath tote /basket with a handle is a nice change.

Child's Activity Tub: In a plastic tub a pad of recycled paper, package of coloured paper, crayons, markers, coloured pencils, glue sticks, scissors (blunt point for either R or L handed), colouring books, stickers.

Sundae Bucket: ice cream scoop, gourmet sauces, sprinkles, assorted nuts, and other toppings, maraschino cherries, sundae glasses and long handled spoons, sugar and flat-bottomed cones, gift certificate for ice cream.

Baby Bath Bucket: Use a plastic sand bucket. Add a hooded towel, face cloth, sleeper, baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby powder, nail scissors, rubber duckie.

Manicure Basket: nail enamel, base and top coats, emery boards, buffer, nail clipper, cuticle trimmer, orange stick, remover, quick dry spray.

Kids Beach Bucket: Fill a large beach pail with: plastic shovel, sand moulds, inflatable beach ball, beach towel, flip flops, sunglasses, sun block, swimsuit, cover up.

Christmas Basket: For someone in an assisted living apartment. Small pre-lit table tree, assorted small ornaments, small tree skirt, small wreath for her apartment door, large holiday tin filled with home made cookies, candies, and bars. Check dietary needs first.

Hot, Hot, Hot Basket : Add hot spices from several cultures. Chinese, Mexican, Thai, etc. Hot sauces, salsa, hot Asian pickles, fresh hot peppers, recipes, and an antacid.

Sewing Basket: Can be scaled down to be a gift in a jar for someone just starting out. Small pin cushion, needles, Black, white, and navy thread, small scissors, straight pins, safety pins, needle threader, iron on hem mender, thimble.

Tea Time Basket: china tea cup/saucer OR mug, nice spoon, assorted teas (loose & bags), tea strainer, tea ball, raw sugar, decorative white sugar cubes, small jar of honey with a honey twist, a few small boxes of tea biscuits or cookies OR home made mini-tea breads.

Walker/Jogger Basket: pedometer, sweat band, sports socks, shoe laces, bottled water, MP3 player for listening to music, tee shirt (s), towel

Puzzler Kit: Holiday jigsaw puzzle, a second general puzzle, puzzle mat, magnifying glass, a few snacks.

Candle Lover Basket: assorted candles (jars, tapers, votives, tea lights, and/or tarts), pretty box of long stemmed matches, match holder, candle snuffer, wick trimmer, candle plate, votive holder,  candle sticks.

Coffee Basket: A couple flavours gourmet coffee beans, a pair of mugs filled with chocolate dipped biscotti.

Journal Box: pretty fabric covered journal, pen, a book of soothing thoughts, book mark.

Breakfast-in-Bed Basket: on a tray,two holiday mugs, Coffee, a quart of orange juice, half&half, small packet of sugar cubes, a half dozen assorted muffins, breakfast pastry AND the Sunday paper.

Travel Totes:Fill a tote or travel case with trial/sample sizes of toiletries and basic cosmetics for a woman or teen OR shaving supplies for a man. Add a passport case, money belt, luggage tags, etc.

Chinese Steamer: Fill a large bowl with ingredients readily available in the Asian section of your grocery store, chop sticks, Chinese tea, small Chinese tea cups, chop stick rests, fortune cookies, etc.

Crafters Basket: for someone new to crafting items such as glue gun, glue sticks, craft knife, small paint brushes, craft pencils, tape measure, scissors, staple gun, staples, patterns or how-to books, class schedule and gift card for a local craft shop.

Rainy Day Game Basket: decks of cards, game book, cribbage or backgammon board, crossword puzzle book and pencils, etc.

Couch Potato Basket: TV remote holder, video or CD, assorted microwave popcorn, snacks like nuts, chips, or candy, comfy slippers, subscription to TV guide.

Toddlers Bedtime Basket: PJs, fuzzy slippers, a Teddy Bear, book of read-aloud bedtime stories, a cute night light. If the child has a "problem" with monsters, create "monster spray" by creating a *monster spray* label to a cover room spray (or water) mister.

Home Office Basket: In a trash basket add stapler, staples, gold paper clips, pens, pencils, pencil grips, pencil sharpener, desk calendar, desk lamp.

Fisherman's Kit: Fill a tackle box with assorted lures, leaders, pliers, all-in-one tool, hat, sunscreen, bug spray,gloves, 2 gal. Zip lock bags (gotta have a place to put the fish!), fly fishing book,local fishing guide, Band-Aids.

Fruit Basket: Pick local fruit in season and add seasonal specialities available in your area. Add a nut assortment, speciality Christmas candy etc. A galvanised bucket is an attractive container for this one.

Favourite Sport: fill a team logo trash basket with logo items of the recipients favourite team tee shirt, cap, visor, mug, travel pillow, fleece travel blanket, key fob, etc.

Death By Chocolate Basket: chocolate covered cherries, jar of Nutella, plain chocolate bars and other favs of the recipient, chocolate dipped cherries, hot cocoa mix, round it off with home made fudge or brownies.

Health Food Basket: filled with brown rice, other speciality grains such as quinoa, spelt, bulgar, all-natural candy bars, organic nuts, organic granola, assorted dried beans, organic spices.

Baking Basket: Ingredients and baking dish for many items. Customise this one to your recipient. Variations:

Apple Pie: ceramic pie plate filled with all the ingredients for pie baking
Bread Basket
Pizza Basket  Arrange ingredients on a baking stone
Greek Salad Bowl.  Arrange ingredients in a large wooden salad bowl with tongs, variety of olives
Cupcake Basket for Kids: box cake mix, holiday muffin tin liners, tubs of frosting, tubes of coloured frosting, sprinkles, m &m s, nuts,etc. for topping.

Kitchen Basket: watch for sales and clearance. Oven mitts, pot holders, matching dish towels, etc. 

Hospitality Basket: Fill will items a visitor may need and might have forgotten and place in a guest room. Items like toiletries, toothbrush, etc. Can also add postcards, pen, postage stamps, local map, etc.

Campers Basket or Backpack: compass, Swiss Army knife, campers cook set, insect repellent, sun block, etc.

Kids Craft Kit: A plastic tub with a lid is a better *basket*: coloured paper, crayons, stickers, stampers, stamp pads, art foam, pipe cleaners,sequins, beads,ribbon or string, buttons, glue, scissors, wobbly eyes, sparkles and glitter, wooden and art foam shapes, magnetic tape, project sheets.

Car Care Basket: coupons for the car wash, chamois, car vac, emergency kit for the trunk, extra oil, oil rags,etc.

Laundry Basket: In a large plastic basket include items and instructions for doing laundry. Start with unscented laundry soaps, stain removers, dryer sheets, bleach, change for the laundromat, paperback for reading while waiting, etc. Great for the college student or newlywed.

Art Basket  Drawing pencils pack, pastels, sketch pads, acrylic paint tubes, watercolour's, small canvasses,brushes, pallet

Olde" Toy Basket: In a tin or an old box put a collection of old games and toys. Jacks and a ball, ball-in-a-cup, tic-tac-toe, marbles, hoppy-taw and sidewalk chalk, bubbles, string and instructions for Cats Cradle, puzzle, etc. ( many party stores carry these items....)

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  1. Wow I love this page.... thankyou so much for sharing these!
    I have recently found you rblog and am now following! I to have a blog which i should really get back to and soon!
    I plan this christmas to make as many christmas gifts as possible, instead of buying them... so again... thankyou so much for all the suggestions!!!!


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