Sunday, 25 September 2016

Still Waiting - No Baby Yet

So 39 weeks has passed and we, well mainly me, are still waiting.  Not that it is unexpected since 40 weeks is the technical end date.

I have had a great pregnancy, good health, little weight gain and other than some sciatic pain no other issues.
Now though the waiting is the hardest part, even more so than the frequent bathroom trips and fatigue.

I have been doing a lot of reading, and am having lots of meetings with the company who is going to build our house in New Zealand and I am hoping to get a few more posts done and scheduled before he arrives but I seem to be lacking the energy to get them finished.

Anyway hopefully will have news for you soon.


  1. I remember with James (my first) finally the due date arrived and nothing... That was a weird feeling to get to the end of the 9 months and it was just another day. I did have him a week later (or 5 days I can't remember now) exciting days ahead for you both.

    1. I get that feeling most days now and am just wanting to move on to this next stage.

  2. So exciting for you both to be so close to meeting your little boy, such a life changing time .
    Hope all goes well for you, ignorance, fear and tension are your enemies, gravity is your friend. The process is called labour for a reason, it is hard work so relax and let your body do ìt's job .....and after all that hard work, OMG look what you have ,there are no adequate words, you look into those eyes and realise you are a Mum......and you get it.


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