Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Missing Fun In The Snow

I come from a family that ski's and this year for obvious reasons I am not joining them.  
While skiing can be an expensive sport my family have always done it as cheaply as possible with second hand gear that is handed down through the generations (one pair of kids ski boots lasted over 25 years and were second hand to start with), shared ski suits (some that were even home made), gloves knitted by my Nan and shared goggles, packed lunches taken with us every day, early bird season passes where family members knew they had enough days off to make the most of them and passes as gifts for birthdays instead of other items.

As a family we have been lucky that my Nan, who taught us all to ski and skied until she was 85, brought a time share near both the mountain  and on the shore of lake Taupo back in the 1980's.  Ever since she has been entitled to 4 weeks per year and she normally books 2 weeks in winter and 2 weeks in trout fishing season (another family activity).
Now that my Nan is no longer skiing she books the 2 weeks in winter then leaves it to her grandchildren (who now all have children of their own who are learning to ski) to organise between themselves who is going to stay in the timeshare on what days .

Nan in all her gear ready to get going

Here are some photos of our trip to the mountain last year with my brother and his family.

Hubby and I enjoying our day

Hubby snowboarding for only his second time

Check out the weather, magic.
My brother and 2 of my neices having some fun.

Hubby looking after my youngest niece who was not sure about it all

My brother, his wife and their 3 girls
I can't wait to be back in New Zealand so I can ski more often although I might need to take a babysitter with me for the next few years.


  1. Just imagine the first time "Peanut" puts on a pair of skis, Fiona. That time will come faster that you know...Meg:)


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