Friday, 30 September 2016

Have You Heard Of Prebiotics?

You might know about Pro-Biotics but have you heard of Pre-Biotics?

For a while now I have been reading up on Pre-biotics and how there are some African cultures that have very low incidence of disease that scientists are now attributing to the volume of fiber in their diets and how this fiber feeds their gut bacteria.

If you did not see this documentary "The Diet Myth" last night it is really worth watching.  

Here are some other links about Pre-biotics

Monash University website about Pre-Biotics

ABC's Catalyst Show - "Gut Reaction"

Websites highlighting foods that are good for your gut microbes

Authority Nutrition
One Green Planet

Here are some scientifically published papers on the subject:

Fiber and Prebiotics: Mechanisms and Health Benefits

Dietary modulation of the human colonic microbiota: Introducing the concept of prebiotics

An Overview of Probiotics, Prebiotics and Synbiotics in the Functional Food Concept: Perspectives and Future Strategies


  1. Yes, I've read of prebiotics and understand that to be "food" that nourishes the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Foods like cold potato, for example, that once cooked and cooled develop what is known as resistant starch. A great reason to include things like a healthy potato salad in one's diet. Meg:)

  2. Saw that show Fiona, really good, except for the transplant part!! I know I feel really good when I eat mainly vegies for a few days. Now that its coming into summer I'm also enjoying my fruit breakfasts again.


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