Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 2 in the Garden

Day 2 of my time off dawned clear and warm.  So it was back to the shade house for more potting, re potting and propagating.
I am really lucky to have such a great spot for potting and planting where it is a bit cooler and out of the direct sunlight.  The shade cloth is 50% UV/light blocking so I still wear a hat and sunscreen but it is much better than being out in the heat.
Shade house with potting bench on the right
Shade house from the other end.
Potting table in back left corner.
I re potted the Galangal and a few of the natives that I have grown from seed and the rest of them went into some seaweed solution to soak in preparation for planting out.

Number 1 helper and Galangal in the background.
Natives soaking.

All the seeds planted, cuttings potted up and plants re potted.
Once all of the potting had been done it was time to move out into the sun. 
Bed number 2 was cleared and is ready for turning over, composting and summer planting.

Bed 1 in full swing, bed 2 waiting to be turned over.
Then the hibiscus needed a hair cut and once that was done it was time to pack up for the day.  Time to call it a day.
Hibiscus after the haircut.
It was nearly as tall as the tree next to it.
Time for a good nights sleep, more jobs on the list tomorrow.

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