Monday, 1 August 2011

To Wrack and Ruin

I am ashamed to say that the entrance to our home is not as appealing as it once was.  The two garden beds at the entrance to our home have gone to wrack and ruin.  They are overgrown with plants that need to be moved, weeds that grow like they are having seaweed solution pumped directly into their veins, and the general disorder that comes with a lack of care from the owners.  Yup that would be me.

These gardens are supposed to be for roses as there were some nice ones hidden amongst the weeds when we brought the house and they were lovingly brought back to life and flourished for a time.  However of late the weeds and other plants have begun to dominate the landscape and you literally cannot see the roses for the weeds.
Hiding among all of this are 4 different roses
 and currently you would have trouble finding them all

And hiding in here are another 3
These you might be able to make out but look at the weeds Ahrrrr.
Then there is my sad, sad standard fig that you might have noticed in the first photo.
It has suffered at the hands of jack frost and lost all of its leaves (have you ever seen such a sorry looking fig?)and the mondo grass at the base has also taken a beating.

What a sorry sight
So rather than just try and nurse it back to health it was given a root trim and re potted with fresh soil and compost into a larger pot.
From here things should be ok.  There were already new leaves forming and with a few doses of seaweed solution it should be looking it's best in the not too distant future.

Re potted and ready to thrive

As for the rest of the garden that will have to wait till next weekend which marks the start of my 2 weeks away from work but doing work around the house and farm.
Until then I will be on the lookout for other areas that gone to wrack and ruin and wondering if this happens to everyone.


  1. Oh yes, a little bit of neglect and the weeds start celebrating and then take over the world. I refuse to look at our garden beds right now, I figure I can schedule in another week of ignoring them before I set to work weeding and churning that soil ready for planting out.

  2. Yes of course it does Fiona - and in a big way at our place! Don't fret, at least you have the 'before' photos now. cheers Wendy

  3. Yay hooray for a holiday from work! We have been doing a little bit here and there...storms ripped our garden apart too including a huge passionfruit vine :(

  4. It is such a great feeling when you know that you have time owing up to get on with the jobs that always just seem to be too hard when you are trying to work and run a household. Good luck with it all and I look forward to seeing the results.


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