Thursday, 28 July 2011

Preparing for Spring

Here in QLD we have a very short winter and as this is only the second full winter we have been on the farm I am still trying to work out the seasons and weather cycles.  So far it seems like we get a 6 month Summer, and 2 months each of Autumn, Winter and Spring but it will take a few more years to really work it out.
Last year I was late in getting my seeds going and before I knew it spring had been and gone and summer was upon us.  Two things have happened in the garden this week to make me think Spring is very much here and I need to get a move on with my seed planting. 

How do I know...

The first Asparagus spear has emerged, and

the Mulberry is producing fruit.

So I have planted out  a few seeds already and I have more to go in.  Better get a move on I think.


  1. Isn't it thrilling. Cucumber seeds have just poked their little green tips through & I have weeny green strawberries braving the cool mornings. All the greens are flourishing, I do so love the farm gate 'moo poo' and the stinky Dynamic Lifter.

  2. What a fun time ahead of you. It is so wonderful to get ready for spring. It is one of my favorite things to do.
    I hope you have a great time with it all.

  3. We are still in throes of cool weather, but boy, am I hanging out for spring! Nice looking ¨spare geese¨ Fiona!

  4. Love the 'sparry-goose'! How exciting that you have spring coming already!!! I'm looking forward to seening the spring prgress!

    We are still frosty here.


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