Friday, 15 July 2011

Gangsters and Moles Celebrate

The main reason Hubby and I travelled to NZ in winter (being from QLD we normally only go in summer)was for my Dad's 60th.
Dad's main hobby is a collector/restorer of vintage engines, tractor and cars and over the years has amassed quite a collection.
So what would be more fitting that and 1920's- 30's Gangsters and Moles Fancy Dress Party kicked of with a car rally/treasure hunt.
The treasure hunt was put together by my Mum and cousin Stacey, who was not able to participate as she has an 8 week old baby, and started at my parents house after a afternoon tea, and after following all the clues lead to the local Vintage Car Club for dinner and drinks. 
We were divided into teams and off we set to follow our clues around the district.

Our Team "The Model A's"
From left: Dad's friend Joe, Dad, Cousin Bryce and myself with Hubby behind the camera

On the road again to find the answer to the next clue

Dad at one of the clue answers locations

We ran into some other "Gangsters and Moles" at this clue site

Our entire team stopping off for a pint before heading of to do a "hold up" for the next set of clues

More Party goers

Getting ready for a "hold up"

Mum being "Held Up" for the next set of clues.

Some of the family at the Dinner venue
The day (and night) was a lot of fun and thanks to Mum was a huge success and the feedback from everyone is that they had a great time.
My family loves a good dress up party and it was great the all the guests got into the theme, although I am not sure what the locals thought what with fake "Tommy" guns being brandished out the car windows and I can't remember the last time I saw so much fur being worn in one place.

If anyone is looking for a great way to start a party, and get people who don't know each other to mix, I would highly recommend the treasure hunt as it was a real talking point at the party later and a great ice breaker.


  1. You all look terrific and like you're having so much fun!

  2. Great Costumes, you looked great!

  3. What a fantastic idea. It looks like so much fun...but then i love anything where I have to dress up!


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