Monday, 5 December 2011

The Garden Whip Around

That my friends is a banana flower and those little things you can see poking out
are the bananas.  So far we have 3 hands of bananas.
 This is a first for us and even though I don't eat bananas I am
still very excited.

The Mango tree that we planted last year is putting on some new growth.
I was strong and picked off all the flowers. 

The gone wild cheery tomato's are giving us about this many every day.
They are so sweet and delicious.

The zucchini are starting to produce fruit.

These two dead things are my potato's.  Not sure what happened but
all 4 that I planted ended up like this.  But I dug under them just in case and ...

Just a few potato's from the dead plants. 
Still there were enough for a number of meals.

Finally I made these Sourdough Bolo Levedo for Sunday breakfast and they were delish!
Linda over at The Witches Kitchen posted about these the other day.
I didn't have blueberries but I did have peaches and it was a great breakfast.
If you want to try them head over to Linda's


  1. This is really inspiring. I had never seen a banana flower before. It's great to see the results of your efforts.

  2. Wow a mango tree! How long do they take to fruit?
    My potatoes did that too but I left them in the ground and they have started sprouting again!

  3. In south east asia, the banana flower parts are used in salads. Your harvest very nice.

  4. The dish you made for breakfast looks yummy to my stomach! How did you made that?! I wish you all the luck for your vegetable garden.
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    How much of a cook are you?


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