Friday, 16 December 2011

Must Keep Cold - The Gift

Well what was it that I was so excited by?

Well see for yourself, a cheese making kit!!!!

I was like a kid on Christmas morning I was so excited.  I could not have been given a more perfect gift.
With all the bits an pieces required so that when I get back from NZ I will get to play with my new cheese making kit.

So Liz from Eight Acres you were pretty close, with your guess of cheese.

 I also received this beautiful hand painted bowl, a scarf and calender from my in laws so all in all I think I am very spoilt.
Well for now I am off to study up on cheese making and after Christmas I will let you all know how it goes.


  1. yay! you will have heaps of fun with that kit. Now you just need to get some raw milk for some really special cheese.... funny that I guessed right, I think I'm just obsessed with cheese at the moment!

  2. Lucky you Fiona, the perfect gift!!
    I've still not ventured into making any thing other than ricotta or quark. It's on my list for next year along with all the dozens of other things I want to try.

    Liz is right, now you just need to find some lovely raw milk.


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