Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Hot Hot Hot

It has been getting very hot here lately and yesterday was no exception.
It has also been extremely dry.  The last time it rained was mid July.  I have raised a lot of seeds and have potted them on into indervidual pots but all this hot dry weather is making it hard to keep them from suffering.
Yesterday we had a scorcher of a day with the below temperature of 37 degrees registering at 2 pm.  It was one of those days that you pray for rain.  People often talk about the heat being oppressive and the air feeling heavy.   Today I knew exactly what they mean.
The dry heat has been a bonus in drying my Pak Choy seed pods and all going well I will have plenty to give away soon so stay tuned.
And it turns out my prayers for rain were to be answered.  A storm rolled in late afternoon, and although there was not a lot of rain(only 4 mls), it was enough to cool everything down and water the garden and paddocks.

A few weeks ago one of our neighbours kindly came and slashed our back paddock to get rid of all the dead grass and thatch.  Since then we have watering it from our bore and it has been greening up nicely.  So this rain just topped it up.
Sprinkler watering the paddock (A bit hard to see but look for the jet of water)
The paddock starting to green up
Weather reports suggest that we are in for a long hot summer so I am sure we can expect plenty more days like this to come.


  1. Wow! That's hot for this time of year. We haven't gone above 20 in central Victoria yet. It's lovely and I'm savouring every day because I know it will be hot soon enough!

  2. we have been hovering around thirty which is just fine for me as the humidity has not set in yet.

  3. We had a hot day too yesterday...and i am beginning to get a little fearful of Summer! Thank goodness for the afternoon storms...your paddock is looking lovely and healthy!

  4. It was very hot here too, being up high we do get a breeze though, but being in the caravan at the moment, it was definitely a scorcher...we got a small shower at the end of the day....it's going to be a long hot summer....

    1. Yes I can imagine how hot the caravan would be.

  5. Oh wow are you that hot already???? We had frost only this week! Although there has thankfully been sun. Here I am wishing for warmer balmier days and yet you are sweltering already!


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