Thursday, 27 September 2012

Unpaid Labour and Hanky Panky On The Farm

The other day I noticed that we had some new workers on the farm.
They were hard at work culling the aphid that were trying to set up shop on my roses.
Then when I looked a bit closer I noticed there were heaps of new workers, which could have something to do with the plentiful food supply.  
I have made a concerted effort not to spray pesticides, have let things like coriander flower and go to seed and have planted lots of flowering plants to attract the good bugs.

Well it seems to be working because not only do we have ladybirds galore taking care of the aphids but they seem to to think the farm is a good place to raise a family.  There is ladybird hanky panky going on in all directions.

Do you have any unpaid workers at your place?


  1. I love observing in the garden! Usually my ladybirds turn up about two weeks after the aphids arrive. Last year we didn't seem to get aphids and I haven't seen any yet this year either. I can only assume that this is weather related? It's been wetter the last couple of years.

  2. Love the new cover pics fee!

  3. I always find it satisfying when the ladybeetles turn up to munch their way through thousands of aphids. It is so hot and very dry now that even the good bugs seem to be taking a break. It will help if there is water available, both birdbaths and ponds. Insects need very shallow water, a bit of wet hessian in the corner of a birdbath will let them suck the water up without drowning.


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