Monday, 12 November 2012

Job Done and Just In Time

I had last week off work and after a weekend away camping with Hubby and Jessie the dog I had a plan to paint the ceiling in the lounge.
Our house is old and the ceiling is made up of panels which created a lot of extra cutting in.  But before I even got to the painting we had to move all the furniture out onto the veranda, then there was the washing with sugar soap and taping up around the edges.
It is not till you get up close and personal with your ceiling that you realise exactly how grubby it is.  I think for us not having fly screens makes a big difference and it is something that we will make sure we have in NZ when we build.
Hubby was working all week so it was up to me to do all the painting and I tell you one thing, it is a pain in the butt not having a second person to help you move ladders and a painters trestle around.

It has been so dry here lately it was the ideal time to paint.  But on Friday morning the weather report was for afternoon storms and I knew I had to hustle. I knew I was not going to be able to move the furniture back inside by myself even if had the finished the painting so I covered everything with a tarp.
And just as well I did as a storm rolled in and we got 35 mls of rain in the first hour.  Oh how we needed that rain.  It has been so dry (only 15 mls since the start of June) and everything was dry and crunchy.
We received over 70 mls of rain in the end and my garden was breathing a sigh of relief.
But the painting was finished and the garden watered, what more could you want on a Friday afternoon.

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  1. I really really do not like painting,love the end product thou yours is looking fresh and clean nice job


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