Monday, 19 November 2012

Seed Swapping

A little while ago I announced that I had Pak Choy Seeds to give away.  A number of you replied and seeds have since been posted off.

I did not offer the seeds with the expectation that I was getting anything in return so it was a lovely to receive things in return.

I received seeds and also some lovely seed envelopes from the lovely Patricia.

Swapping seeds with friends and family is such a practical thing to do since most seeds do not germinate as well once they are a year or so old and there are usually more in a packet than you need.  Also if you choose to save you own seeds you are likely to end up with enough to supply a commercial market garden so why not share them around.
If you are new to seed saving or would like more information Liz from 8 Acres provided so useful links in this post.

I still have plenty of seeds left if you would like some and they can be posted anywhere in Australia so let me know if you would like some.


  1. My pak choy is coming up nicely thank you! I thought it might be too hot to grow them, but under the shade cloth they are doing very well.

    1. Glad to hear they are going well. My Rosellas are coming along well too.

  2. We often swap seeds at my garden group. It always feels so good, I guess its the act of sharing. It also means you get to have a broader range.


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