Monday, 15 April 2013

Op Shop Finds

Late last week I had to head down to Brisbane for work and a friends 40th birthday so I arranged to do a spot of op shopping  with my best friend.
We had a great day and managed to visit a number of different op shops.

And you know what, those op shop gods must have been smiling at me.

The first op shop we went to was having a half price sale so we were on the right path to start with.  And then I saw this:
An Emile Henry Tagine from the Flame range.  A tagine is something that I have wanted for ages and when I saw this one I was in love.  It was brand new never been used and was priced at just $20!!!
I would have paid twice that but because of the 1/2 price sale I got it for $10.  Unbelievable!!
I also picked up a pair of what appear to be brand new levis jeans for Hubby for $5 after the discount.
At another store I managed to find a nut loaf tin and a tuppaware citrus juicer, and in the last store a stainless steel wine cooler.
It was a great day out and I am really please with my buys.  I cannot wait to try out my new tagine.

Have you had any good buys lately?


  1. Well shopped! I haven't op shopped for ages but am tempted after seeing your finds!

  2. Wow, you have done very well! I am so impressed by that tagine :-)

    Our recent treasures included an unused flower press, a barely used heavy duty baby backpack and the most gorgeous little handmade smocked dress for my little girl. Each of them have been put to good use already! I love op shopping :-)

  3. Oh I love op shopping and marketering (;D)! haven't been in a while though!

  4. Bargain, Bargain, and more Bargains.

  5. Wow! I am particularly impressed with the tagine. I had a good find the other day at the op shop in my closest small town (Adelong, NSW). I got a lovely gingham checked cotton blouse (orange and white) for $1.00 and a lovely piece of brown cotton fabric with a Japanese-style print, also for $1.00. I Love that op shop and always stop by when it's open.

  6. Wow! Nice tagine! And nice nut loaf too.... A triplet to mine ;)


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