Thursday, 15 August 2013

Forced To Walk The Plank

If you pop in at our place today and need to use the toilet or bathroom you will have to do a bit of a pirate impression and walk the plank.

We are still on the renovation rollercoaster at our place with Hubby undertaking another project at our place.
Our house used to be one where the toilet was outside on the back of the house but when the interior of the house was opened up into a open plan design the bathroom was moved out the back too and the whole area was built in.
This building in also meant that our septic tank ended up enclosed in this back area, you can see the top of the septic box in the picture below (the square raised area on the right hand side with the smaller square lid set into it).
I know this sounds terrible and I am sure you are thinking what happens when it needs cleaning but it has been no issue at all and when we did have it cleaned there was no mess at all.
But the floor was not finished off nicely or shown any love at all and there are all these different levels and layers of concrete in the area between the bathroom and toilet and the laundry area.
If you look in the picture below there a blob of concrete in the doorway and a slightly higher strip down the right hand side running back towards the bathroom where it joins the top of our septic tank.  Then you step up on the left into the toilet or to the right to the bathroom.

The below photo is standing with my back to the bathroom door.  As you can see we do not really have a laundry just an area tucked behind what used to be the stove recess and is now my pantry.

This photo was taken from the laundry end and yes for some reason a previous owner put a toilet sign on the door.  The bathroom door is the one with the funky angle top.
We use this area for one of our gum boots, work wear, pet food and chest freezers but because of the different floor levels we have not been able to put both chest freezers out here.

 So Hubby set about rectifying the issues with the different floor levels.

So while we are waiting for our fantastic new floor to set we are left walking the plank for a day or two. Arrrrr shiver me timbers.

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  1. Imagine if you had a few to many wines and needed to go to the loo LOLOLOL


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