Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Much More Welcoming

If you were coming to visit us you would either enter our home via the front verandah straight into the lounge or via our side entrance door and into a foyer like area that leads into the large kitchen dining area.
We always use the side door but until this week it has been an area of the house that was really ugly.
It is part of a besser brick extension that was added to our timber home at some stage in the last 15 years and it was never clad on the inside so you were stuck looking at the ugly bricks that had a coat of paint slapped on top.
This is what it looked like before.

So Hubby set about lining the walls, framing the window and creating a facing board to hang curtains on.  This turned out to be no easy task with walls that were not flat or square.

But he persevered and got it all done.  Then it was on to the painting.  We decided on a colour that is a pale version of the colour of mushroom gills a bit pinky browny beige.

Once the painting was done it was time to sort out the curtains which were a silvery grey brown colour.

And here it is all finished... well nearly.  The curtains are too long so I will have to take them up this week and then we are all done.  Hooray another job completed from "The List"

Eventually we will replace the carpet but for now we are sticking with the old stuff.  

The whole space feels much more welcoming and we are really happy with the outcome.  Good Job Hubby.


  1. Makes a huge amount of difference it will be nice coming in at night to that entry. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. Looks great Fiona, you won't want to leave once it's all finished!

  3. Goodness, your hubby in on fire (and im not referring to how HOT he is). He seems capable of doing all. Lucky You. That list wont take long.

  4. Oh that looks lovely - great color match with the paint and the curtains.


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