Monday, 13 January 2014

Day 3 At The Woodford Folk Festival

Things got a bit busy here so the last of this series of posts is a bit delayed.

Day three and the prediction was for hot hot hot.  We were hoping it would not get to the 41 degree temperature predicted but we were not so lucky.  Thankfully we were able to find some shade during the middle of the day and we took the opportunity to have a nap.

The peoples band was out and about on the streets.

The traditional clans of the Pormpuraaw and Injinoo showed off traditional dances, songs and legends.

Everywhere people relaxed and soaked up the atmosphere.

Since the day was so hot we sought shade where we could, even if that meant we could only hear and not see the bands.
We really enjoyed The Basics who are a band of three brothers one of who is Gotye.  It was great music to chill out to lying on the grass in the shade.

Hubby is having a good laugh to himself here as he poked his tongue
 out in the previous photo and I didn't notice
During the festival we managed to get to a number of interesting presentations.  Like many other people we were happy to lie in the shade and listen to the presentation on the speakers on the outside of the venue.
This one was "A trip through the supermarket with a nutritionist".

After the heat of the day the burst of rain we got was a welcome relief and we were treated to a double rainbow to boot.

Then the skies cleared and the crowds flooded back into the streets.

There were lots of workshops available to participate in, including basket weaving, rag rug making, life drawing, pottery, weaving, mask making, body painting and a heap of other things.

The festival is a celebration of folk music but it is so much more than that.  There are so many interesting ways to participate and even with 6 days there we still did not have time to do everything we wanted.


  1. We went to Peates Ridge last year and we were so disappointed. Woodford looks so much better.

    1. It really is fantastic Kate and it is worth the doing the 6 days if you can.


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