Friday, 24 January 2014

Do You Make New Years Resolutions?


Do You Make New Years Resolutions?

I generally don't but I do set myself a few general goals at the start of the year which is possibly exactly the same thing.

This year I have decided to be more selfish and do more things for me and look after me.  This thinking is in part due to the fact I am having an operation in February and there will be a quite a bit of down time afterwards where I need to take it easy.

Over the past few years as well as working full time, I have dedicated a lot of time volunteering (about 10-15 hours a week) and this year I am scaling that back.  I will still be volunteering but only about 3 hours a week
I am also going to try and read a book a week.  So far so good with 3 books down already.
I am also going to go back to doing yoga and meditating.  I feel like my body is all knotted up and my mind is too noisy.  So I will be seeking to unwind and quite my mind.
The yoga portion will be on hold until well after my surgery so will probably not be something I start until April or May.

So what about you?
Any plans for this year?


  1. They sound like good resolutions Fiona, particularly under the circumstances. I've just done a similar blog post about my resolutions, and mine are pretty self indulgent I'm afraid!

  2. Sorry to hear you are in a knot, hope that unkinks in time. Best wishes for your surgery.


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