Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Bathroom Make Over

Well the renovating is nearly over and our biggest job has now been finished, the bathroom.
This was a big job and it involved completely gutting the bathroom including stripping the walls back to the stud work.  We spent a couple of weeks showering in the backyard with our camping solar shower and for the few days we were without a toilet we borrowed a camping toilet from friends.
Our bathroom was the ugliest room in the house so we were not sad to see it go.

Here are the before shots.

Our toilet was surrounded by a piece of lino but it was just cut to fit around the base of toilet but it was just sitting there and looked very second rate.

Then there was the fact that our toilet was on a weird angle so you were facing the corner when sitting on the throne.

Our bathroom is a good size but it was just slapped together by a previous owner.

The floor in our bathroom was just unfinished concrete which we covered with a bamboo mat.

The vanity unit was old and all of the basin was scratched.  We had replaced the taps when we moved in and so were able to reuse these in the new bathroom.

The bath surface was all cracked and scratched.

The tiling around the taps had never been done properly instead the tile had just been cracked to allow space for the taps.

The shower head was supported by a piece of garden hose.

The window frame was water damaged and the plaster board was cracked.

The sealant around the bath was messy and grubby.  Because the bath was so uneven the sealant had been used to fill in the gap.

And here is the finished product.  The walls are pale grey, the tiles around the bath and shower are white and the floor tiles are a charcoal colour.

We constructed a partition wall instead of installing a shower screen.

And we now have a nice new straight toilet.  We installed a new toilet suite that uses less than half of our old one and only cost us $59 so it was worth doing.

Hubby did all of the work himself except for the tiling and he did a great job.  The bathroom was more than 10 cm off square on one wall and that had to be squared up so our tiling did not look funny, the whole room had to be re-lined and the window re-framed.
We are so glad to have it all finished and the total cost came in at just under $4000 including the professional tiler.

This is the last big job we had to do and we are now on the home straight.


  1. Wow - great job you two! Looks fab and well worth the effort I'd say. At least you got it finished before the cooler weather sets in. Nothing like showering under a camp shower while in the midst of renovating (speaking from experience here!). Enjoy your lovely new room. cheers Wendy

  2. Looking awesome, love the colours. Big job but i bet you are glad its done everytime you use it. Funny how this has been done for the sale and not just for you both. How did you put up with the old bathroom for so long. I guess its all down to $$$$.

  3. What a difference! Good job. It must be wonderful to see the light at the end of the tunnel that much closer.

  4. What a great fresh look it now must be very pleased....luckily you finished before winter... . wouldn't like to be out the yard in a camp shower then. We are just about to undertake a quick reno on our is the last room in our place that needs a little TLC.

  5. wow what an awesome job you did. I love that partition wall next to the bath - shower screens are so hard to keep clean.

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