Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Home Made Halloumi

Halloumi has been on my list of cheeses to try and make for a while now and with our shortened camping trip I had the time to make it.

I found it to be a really easy cheese to make even with all of the steps involved.  I followed these instructions from Gavin and had no issues at all.
I used 8 litres of full cream pasturised only Maleny Dairies milk and it made 1.2 kgs of halloumi and 100 gm of ricotta.

Stirring the Curds

After the Halloumi was pressed and cut

The final product
This cheese does not need any bacteria so other than unpasturised milk, dried mint and non iodised salt the only specific cheese making ingredient you need is the rennet.

I really recommend giving this one a go and I will be making it again that is for sure.

Have you ever made halloumi?

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  1. That looks pretty good...I've actually never even tried eating halloumi although I know everyone raves about it. Your cheese making looks fantastic. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


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