Thursday, 26 June 2014

Thanks Freezer 2 - We Appreciate The Meat You Give To Us

Today we say farewell to our beef cow "Freezer 2".

Freezer 2
It is a sad day on the farm because even though she has been raised for the purpose of filling our freezer (and our bellies) we have enjoyed her antics and personality for the past few years and we will notice her absence.
We really are very thankful that her life is given to provide for ours.  Today I will feed her her last handful of hay and watch her enjoy it.  I will look her in the eye for the last time and give her a rub behind the ear then I will say goodbye and leave her in peace.
The first cow we raised "Freezer 1" went into the freezer in December 2012 and you can read about that here.
The local guy we use to do our home kill is very good and last time our cow was sitting down chewing her cud when the lights went out.  Hopefully it will be just as calm for Freezer 2.

Freezer 2 is a Murray Grey and we hope that she will produce tasty beef that is well marbled and has a good layer of fat.  You can see from the photo below(taken April 2013) how much weight she has put on in the last 12 months so it will be interesting to see what her dressed weight will be.  Freezer 1 was just over 250 kg but it is really hard to tell what they will weigh while they are still walking around.

Once killed her carcass will be cut into the 4 quarters and hung for a week in a cool room.  Then next week we will have the job of bagging up all the different cuts.

April 2013

May 2014
We will not be replacing Freezer 2 as it will take us a long time to eat that much been even if we give some to the family.  And with our planned move to New Zealand in the future we do not need the added complication of livestock to get rid of.  Freezer 2 currently has a little friend that belongs to one of our neighbours and we have been told we can keep him to keep the grass down or we can borrow a mare that is in foal.  
We have not decided what we will do yet and we might just give the paddocks a rest and borrow an animal again later, but there is no rush to make that decision.

Do you kill your own animals?
How do you say goodbye and thank you?


  1. Thanks for the menu planning link Fiona. I love the way you named your cows Freezer 1 and Freezer 2 so cute and whilst you know the purpose for their upbringing animals do tend to have a way to feel like family and it's because we are emotional humans it will still be a little sad. Hope it all goes well. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. Fiona I can certainly admire the way you treat your livestock. I am a bit of a coward where that is concerned. One look in those big brown eyes and I would be a confirmed vegetarian. Doesn't matter how many times I watch River Cottage and the like, I still couldn't even kill a chicken. You have grown the cattle as food and have the courage of your convictions. A respectful and humane death is more than most livestock get. I wish you well with the process.

  3. Nice post Fee. Butcher day is hard work physically and emotionally. I hope all goes to plan.

  4. Totally agree with your ethics - but don't know it I could do it either, which is probably why we haven't. Hope all went well and you can look forward to all the lovely meals ahead of you both. cheers Wendy

  5. we have sent many of our animals to freezer camp now..on the day we say thank you to God for the life of the animal....and at the table we oohh and ahh over the delishous meat ...we processed our cow when he was 14 months old,he was still on his mothers milk..he took his last sip from his mother 5minutes before he went down..and he was the best beef I have eatin in my life.and I agree butchering day is a big day .


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