Monday, 2 June 2014

The Weekend Kitchen

We were quite busy out in the garden over the weekend so there was not much action in the kitchen but I did manage to make a batch of  chocolate crunchies.

I also processed up all of the egg shells that had dried during the week.  I like to dry them well either in an oven that has just been used or on top of our wood stove.

Than I crush them up in my morter and pestle until I have quite a fine mix.

Once they are nice and fine they are ready to be fed back to the chickens.  I like to do this by adding a few table spoons to their wet mash  once a week.  It is really just a top up as they have access to shell grit at all times as well.

What did you get up to in your kitchen over the weekend?

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  1. I did the same thing but i used my little rip cord processor thingy from Tupperware. I just keep popping a couple in and rip rip they are crushed. I sprinkle mine into the worm farm and also onto my lettuce beds to ruin the slugs journey. Hmmm kitchen...... Nope, i dont think i cooked a thing worth mentioning - either out in the garden or stuck in Linda Cockburn's book - see post. Those crunchies look appetising.


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