Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Doggy Happenings

On Saturday afternoon when we called Jessie for dinner she was limping and seemed to have hurt one of her back legs.  She did not want to put any weight on it, but when I felt up and down her leg and her foot and pad she did not give me any indication that any particular area was sore and there were no visible wounds.  This led me to believe that it was probably her hip joint if anything.
I could not think of anything that she could have done, but we had been throwing the ball (with one of these throwing sticks) for her for and she had been running around like crazy in the paddock.  When she chases the ball she goes flat out and darts around as the ball bounces sometimes sliding and skidding so I guessed she had twisted her leg some how.

We were on our way out for dinner so we left her tied up with her dinner (which she was gobbling up no worries at all - a good sign) and headed out for a few hours.

When we got back she struggled to get up off her bed and since it was so cold, and I didn't think that would help an injury, I decided she could sleep inside on her dog bed where it was warm.
The next day she still didn't want to put weight on her leg when she got up but after a few minutes she started to hobble around and gradually used her leg more and more during the day.  Since she is such an active dog we tried to get her to rest as much as we could but we did not want to stop her getting around too much as she just seemed to get stiff again.

On Monday Jessie was still a bit stiff in the morning but it was clear she was on the mend when she kept bring us a ball to throw for her (which we declined) and then proceeded to run around the yard throwing her toy around.
We will keep an eye on her over the next week and limit the amount of running around (if we can) but hopefully it was nothing more than a sprain.

She really want to get out there and round up those cows

She kept standing up then sitting down over and over displaying her impatience

" I really really want to herd those cows"

"I guess I will just have to imagine herding them..."
 In the end she settled for playing pipe wrestling...

Make it move make it move!!

And just because I think it is the cutest photo of her ever... check out how cute she was as a puppy!


  1. What a good looking dog. I heard they heal very quickly if they sleep on your bed?

  2. So cute! And I know that cattle stalking look! Hope she's all better now, maybe she was just trying to secure an inside bed.

  3. Isnt it awful when you know something is wrong and youre not sure what. Tilly's puppy plan means i can take her in to see the vet just for a look without any consultancy charge. Its been worth every cent of the up front fee and ive been in many times in thus her first year for ops which were discounted or just for her shots I only pay for meds. One time she fell off our bed awkwardly and started to limp. For peace of mind we took her in and it was only a light sprain. It cost me $5 for a puppy pain killer only and she was fine a day later. Jessie certainly was a good looking pup and she looks like a lot of fun.


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