Thursday, 17 July 2014

Rosella Cordial

In the anticipation of filling or freezer with beef I have been using up as much as I can.  On the hit list last week was a large container of frozen Rosellas.

I decided on cordial as it is something that would last a while.  I boiled the calyx's in water before straining off the pulp which I have re frozen to mix with apples and make pie filling.

Then I added sugar and reduced the liquid to a cordial consistency and since it is concentrated you only need a small amount.

We have been enjoying it ever since.


  1. Making cordial is still on my "list of things" to do. Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. I'm always so envious of your rosellas!

  3. I do miss rosellas, I'm not a big jam fan but rosella jam is one of my favourites so I imagine the cordial would be divine!

  4. You always have something on the go Fiona. I have followed your instructions for Preserved Lemons, so thanks for the push to do that one. Had some great lemons given to me - so I thought I should do something with them. Hope your neck is better now. cheers Wendy


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