Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Latchy Link Up

The other day Linda posted about all the different latches at her place and I thought it was such a great thing to post about.
Like Linda we have cone up with a few free, recycled and creative latches.

There are the chicken pen gates
Gate 1

The bolt on this came from something else and we bent it then added it to our home made gate

Gate 2

This is an actual gate chain but we have modified the top if a star picket (metal fence post)
to make it so it can latch over

Gate 3

The rope latch

Gate 4

Another rope latch on another home made gate

The gate into the back paddock which is also where we bring in the fire wood after driving through the paddocks.

Another home made gate and an old gate chain that is wired to the gate and held
in place by a carabina

The gate into the neighbours paddock

This is just a wire loop that holds a wire gate to the post by looping over the top

The gates between the paddocks
Gate 1

Another gate chain that has a carabina attached.  For a quick shut of the gate it is loop over the wire loop
but you can also lock the carabina through the chain.

Gate 2

This is what is called a cocky gate latch

The side gate

A simple s hook and a bit of chain does the trick here
There are also a few gates with proper gate latches on them but over all very few of our gate latches have been purchased and they all do the job just fine.
When doing this I also noticed that we have a lot of home made gates but I think that is a whole different post.

What sort of locks and latches do you have at your place?


  1. Great post. It's so fun to see other's creative powers at work! I'm definitely in need of some new gate latches, so now I've got some new ideas. :)

    1. Some of these latches are half of a gate latch set up that we have rescued from old posts where there other half was gone so we just modified their use.

  2. I don't know why i found this post so funny. Maybe its because those latches looked so familiar from childhood. I don't remember carabinas though and wouldn't they be so so easy.

    1. Lynda it is funny though, I was really inspired by Linda's post. The carabinas are so handy around the place and added to a bit of chain they make for a great gate latch.

  3. Inspiring. I'll never consider buying a gate latch from now on :-)

    1. Tricia it is amazing what you can make from things you have lying around.

  4. Fantastic Fiona! Homemade latches have so much character! They're so farmy and homely somehow.


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