Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Sweet Taste Of Summer

Now you might be wondering why there are pictures of caterpillars following that post title, but lets just say that these little guys are sure loving the taste of my gardenia.

I have not seen these before and they change colour as they grow and they are really quite pretty to look at.

My poor chewed gardenia is trying to re-shoot

I was hoping that they would turn into some beautiful spectacular butterfly, but no such luck.

They are actually a moth, a pretty moth but still a moth called a Gardenia Bee Hawk and I believe that are out and about during the day but I have never seen one even though they are obviously here.

We on the other had are blessed to be eating our way through 4 boxes of mangos gifted to us by friends.  Some of them are the R2E2 variety which weigh up to 1.5kg each.  Hubby is determined to eat them all fresh but I think I will have to use some green in salad and cook with others.  I might even have a go at making some fruit leather in the dehydrator.

We also picked up a kilo of lychees for $4 from a roadside stall on the way home from visiting our friends.  I love lychees but because they have such a short season I really look forward to them every year and make the most of eating as many as I can.

What kind of sweet summer treats are you enjoying?


  1. Oh my, what destruction, I went to my son's at the coast for a few days and when I got back something had stripped my 4 black Russian tomato plants, didn't even touch the basil in the same place.We won't even mention what the possums do to the parsley.
    I was given a bag of mangoes from a friend, they are spray free and waaaay too delicious to use in smoothies ( my go to dinner in this bad heat) so I have been slurping and dribbling my way through them for lunch, the taste is so much better than any I have been buying.
    I am sure you could freeze a few if they ripen too quickly.

    1. Margaret that is frustrating about your tomatoes and yes possums can do a lot of damage can't they. I am going to freeze some as there is not enough room in the fridge for that many.

  2. Kilos and kilos of organic peaches, courtesy of my very kind next door neighbour.

    1. Ohhh Jan how lovely, what a great neighbour. I love peaches so I am quite jealous.

  3. Wohooo! So many mangos! I am a tad bit jealous! It is very hard to get ripe mangos in Germany...

    Take care Anne
    Crochet Between Worlds

    1. Yes Anne I am wondering how Hubby will cope when we move to New Zealand and they are not so easy to come by.

  4. I love all the summer stone fruit and look forward to the start of each peach season.


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