Sunday, 1 February 2015

Book Give Away Winner

Last week I posted a book give away and it is time to announce the winner.

The bloggers who put up their hands to receive the book were

1  The lovely Lynda

2 The wonderful Wendy

3 The Amazing AfricanAussie

To pick a winner I used the very sophisticated system of asking my husband to choose a number either 1, 2 or 3.

And The Winner Is

The lovely Lynda


  1. How Cool, your husband must be lucky for me. Can he choose my lotto numbers as well? Funny you would choose "lovely" as that's what Lynda means. LOL Do you need an address?

    1. Congratulations yes if you can you email me your address please that would be great. Just use the one on my profile page

  2. Congratulations Lynda, I like your way of picking a winner.

    1. It seemed fair and simple AA. he had no idea why I was asking him to choose, but he goes along with these crazy ideas of mine so does not really ask any more.

  3. Congrats Lynda! Well done with the method of selection too Fiona! Enjoy the book Lynda.
    cheers (wonderful) Wendy


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