Tuesday 27 January 2015

A Long Weekend Away - Amamoor State Forest

Over the Australia Day long weekend we managed to get away for a few days camping.  Over the weekend there were a few showers but for the most part it was hot and fine.

We went to Amamoor State Forest which was somewhere new for us and about 2 hours from home. We were really happy with the campground as there was lots of space and it was well maintained, plus the creek was suitable for swimming which was just what was needed on the hot days. 

There are 2 campgrounds, one where we were that allows for dogs and the other dog free plus a day use area that was packed on Australia day with picnicking families.  The campground allows for over 200 people but there were only about 60 people there so there was plenty of space for all.
There are flushing toilets but no showers which we can live without as we have a camping shower and they were really clean and tidy.

Like many campgrounds we have stayed at we found a few of the fire rings and fire pits contained half burnt cans and aluminium foil which we cleaned up.  It is well signed that you need to take your rubbish home but for some reason there are people out there who struggle with this concept and think that burning your rubbish is the answer.  It makes me mad but I am not sure there is a lot I can do about it.

We swam 3 or 4 times a day with our little crocodile dog and it was so nice to cool off in the clear creek.

Our little crocodile

The State Forrest is also the home of the Gympie Music Muster and there are a few permanent structures around.  A couple of them had some sort of vine growing up them that was attracting butterflies by the thousands, in fact there were butterflies everywhere the whole weekend.  It was amazing.

Around the vines the butterflies were swarming and I wish I had a better camera to get a good shot of them but these will have to do.

All the black dots are butterflies and there are about 5 times as many
 as you can see but they are fluttering in front of the foliage.

The Blue Tiger butterflies loved the vine what ever it was.

We also had this little guy hang out on the tent for a few hours.  He really was quite beautiful especially the glassy wings like little pains of glass.

 We also managed to get in a bushwalk early one morning before it got too hot.

How did you spend your long weekend/weekend?


  1. That camping ground looks great and the creek looks so inviting. Here's an article about the butterflies and we saw heaps of them in our area as well.
    Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. That creek looks so inviting. Such an Aussie weekend.

  3. Love the crocodile dog! It looks like a nice spot :)

  4. The camping looks good and I did hear somewhere the reason why butterflies are so prolific at the moment. The perfect conditions I think. Great photos. We had a great get together with friends staying at our place for the w/end.

  5. Wow, what a beautiful dog!


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