Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy 2015

Well here we all are in 2015 hopefully well rested after the festive season.  For any readers out there who are in bush fire areas of South Australia or Victoria I hope you and your family are safe and remain so during summer.

We had a lovely low key Xmas with Hubby's family, which was also our nephews first Xmas.  He is just learning to walk so was very pleased with his activity trolley from his grandparents.

Unwrapping with his Mum

Look at me go

I was fortunate to receive some fantastic gifts of things that I wanted and had put on my Santa list.  A Santa list made up of a range of items you would like ensures that your husband and family have the opportunity to choose things that fit into their budget and are items you really want rather than them having to guess and give you something that just creates more clutter in your home.

I received some lovely tapas bowls from my best friend and from Hubby's family 2 books from my list of 5 that I have had on my wish list for a while.

I have already finished "Wild Fermentation" and I will tell you more about that in another post.  I also received some cheese mould for making cheeses such as Brie and Camembert.

Hubby gave me a dehydrator which is something I have wanted for ages so I am looking forward to trying it out.

We really try not to get too carried away with all the Christmas hype and we absolutely do not attend any of the post Christmas sales.  I know that these sales are designed to part you with your money (or max out your credit cards) and encourage frenzied spending where the retailers hope you will get carried along with the hype.
Tonight on the news there was a report that Australians spent 27 Billion dollars on their credit cards alone in December, this is compared to the total spent in all forms in September this year which was 24 Billion dollars.  There were sound bytes from shoppers admitting they had maxed out their credit cards in the post Christmas sales and now they were going to struggle with the expenses of their kids going back to school.  What kind of crazy messed up society things that this behaviour is ok, normal, or acceptable.
Well I for one am sure glad to be someone who is not obsessed with shopping.  We are really trying to minimize unnecessary possessions and although it is not easy I do find that it gets easier with practice.

How was your Christmas?  Did you manage to avoid the Sales?


  1. Happy New Year Fiona, What great gifts you received. I will start doing a Santa list for next Christmas I think. I have the cheese book and think its a very good one. I also have the dehydrator and am currently drying mangoes. The flavours seem to be more intense when things are dried. Good luck with using your's.

    1. Barb I really believe a Santa list is not just for kids. I try and include a big range of items so there is something for an budget. I have not done mangos yet but I hope to this summer.

  2. Happy New Year I love getting books and things hat are really meaningful to you for gifts. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

    1. Kathy Books are such great gifts if you know they are ones that will be loved.

  3. Im lucky too in getting gifts that had purpose for me. I bought one thing on sale the following week and that was an Easiyo for making my own yoghurt. It was only $10.50. I hate shopping all year round (except Bunnings for the garden).

    1. So glad you also received gifts that you wanted. An Easiyo is a good investment I love mine which reminds me to get some more on the go.

  4. You will love both of those books! I have them and can highly recommend. I know you'll love the dehydrator too. Very cute photos of Nephew.

  5. Happy New Year, I hope you are getting some lovely rain. Looks like funtimes were had with the little one.
    I agree with your thoughts on the mindless spending, I read somewhere once that a good thing to keep in mind, in general is " what if something happened to you and someone else had to deal with all your STUFF" a very sobering thought and good motivation to declutter , live simply and opt out of consumerism.


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