Monday, 22 December 2014

Extending Our Native Tree Strip

Just recently we have had some good rain so we have taken advantage of adding a few more trees to our nature strip on the rear boundary of our property.  It just happened to coincide with the free tree giveaway form our local council where we were allowed 10 free trees.

Looking back down the boundary you can see that the ones we planted 4 years ago are now over 2 metres tall.
We know that we will never be the ones who will get to see these trees fully grown but we are still committed to planting out native trees that attract birds, insects, koalas and other native animals.
Our block of land had been cleared of almost every tree which is a real shame which I think is a real shame as established trees add a lot to a property.

Here's hoping whoever buys our pace will appreciate our efforts.

Have you had to plant lots of trees at your place?  Do you get free trees fro your council?


  1. Hi Fiona, At our Boonah place we had free trees (but only 2pa as we were rural residential there). Now that we are in Southern Downs RC I need to find out as we are now on rural. Our place too has been cleared of almost all trees and we are keen to establish shelter belts for our stock as well as some windbreaks for our house.

    1. It would be worth finding out Barb as every extra tree counts.

  2. Merry Christmas Fiona! I'm extra celebrating here as I have sold my house in Brisbane and bought a house on 1 1/2 acres outside Pomona. Can't wait to move in mid Feb! Melindi

    1. How exciting Melindi Pomona is lovely. Will you be blogging about you new life?


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