Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Harvest Basket

Every second day this weekI have been filling my basket  from the garden.  Most days there have been a number of zucchini and eggplants and a few tomatoes.

This year I grew small varieties of eggplants as the large ones tend to get attacked by bugs before they are ready for harvesting.  This also happens to capsicums so this year I am growing the long sweet peppers and mini capsicums.
Then there is the bug that turns my tomatoes to mush grrrrr.  I have grown both beefsteak and russian black and I have just picked the last of the fruit on them (most of them green) as they were all either getting affected by the bug or were damaged by the hail storm we had last week.  Thankfully they ripen up pretty quickly on the bench in this weather since tomatoes don't need the sun to ripen just warmth.
All of my lettuce has bolted to seed with the heat and so has the parsley.  This really hot weather has also stopped my tomatoes from flowering and since they are already 4 foot high and not looking so great I am considering pruning them back and letting them shoot again.  This is not a method I have tried before but I figure I the established root system should be able to produce new shoots.

My sad tomato plants

It will be a bit of an experiment but since I had considered pulling them out all together I am prepared to give it a go.

Has anyone else ever tried this?

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