Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Veggies - Success and Failure At The Rental

I am really pleased with how most things are going in my box garden at our rental.  

The cucumber is going crazy with lots of flowers and the tomatoes are coming along.  We are looking forward to lots of fermented pickles this summer.

My bok choy is booming and we are picking it already and the eggplant has 3 eggplant on it already.

My mini watermelon is doing well but my 2 capsicums are not at all healthy with shriveled deformed leaves.

And then there is my potatoes which I think has blight or wilt, which is possibly related to my capsicum issues.

I am going to turn out my potatoes and see what is going on below the surface.  Perhaps there is something to salvage.

How is your garden doing?


  1. It seems your container garden is doing very well. I have trouble with blight for my potatoes too, so most years I harvest little more than I plant.

    This year I'm focusing more on my winter garden and so far so good, although it's been pretty mild for us so far.

    1. I think it needs more liquid feed Leigh so that is what I am focused on now.

  2. Hi there! I just found your blog and I'm so glad that I did. I luv it!

    1. Thanks D & G I will be over to see you soon on your blog.


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