Monday, 21 March 2016

Celebrating With Family

Over the weekend we celebrated my nephew Max's second birthday.

He has been attending a few other parties lately for other friends from day care so he was well aware of what a party involved.
In fact he was so excited about his upcoming party that on the day before he was told that it was just one more sleep.  That was all well and good until he had an unexpected afternoon nap and woke up saying "Max party, Max Party".  Whoops.  His parents then had to explain that one more night time sleep until his party. 

We all gathered in a local park in the shade of giant fig trees for a morning tea. Max celebrated with both sets of grandparents, extended family and friends.

Max and his Grandad

My sister in law and brother in law did a great job with the cakes decorating them with Max's favourite TV character Peppa Pig and her friends.  Don't ask me to list them as I am not up on kids TV.

 Max was very pleased with his cake and blew out the candle in one go with out showering the cake in spittle (quite an achievement for a 2 year old).

We were joined by one of Hubby's cousins who was in Australia from the UK and it was lovely to see her and catch up.

Have you celebrated with friends or family recently?


  1. Ah birthday season is mightily upon us around here.
    From February to May it's nothing but birthdays!
    Just this weekend we held a party for my 11 year old son, four friends for a sleep over and some processed food LOL!

  2. We loved Peppa Pig in our household too....we are onto other things now of course being much older however we are all still partial to "Shaun the Sheep" and it is just as much adults show as kids show because half of it parents get half of it kids particular show that I remember was when all the girl pigs were dancing in the barn at a dance and they had all their handbags in the middle of the circle....this cracked me up because in my day this is exactly what girls did at parties/pubs etc. It's an amazing show that there are no words yet you can understand the entire show...very clever. The cake looks great for a 2 year old.


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