Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Easter Adventures

We are heading off over the Easter Long weekend for a spot of camping with friends.  We are heading off the a previous camping spot but unlike the photo below I am pretty sure Easter will be a lot busier.  I have handed in all my University assignments and now I can just take some time out and catch up on some reading.

What ever you are doing I wish you safe travels and a period of rest. 

I will see you next week with some updates on our plans to move to New Zealand, because yes things are finally happening.


  1. Enjoy your camping....always reboots the system. Look forward to hearing about your plans to NZ.

  2. Enjoy your break, and stay safe.

  3. We're not doing much for Easter. Working in the hospitality industry, as my husband does, the mythical 4 day long weekend for Easter, never visits our house, lol. ;)

    Though we don't begrudge those who do get to enjoy it. Have a lovely camping trip and I hope you come back refreshed, ready for that big move. Exciting times!


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